C Games Through New Eyes!

For the past year, I’ve been the research director for a friend of mine. Thomas Umstattd Jr. has been doing work to create awareness on the dark side of digital gamers. I have had the joy of helping him in his mission to reach those that, like us, have lost their priorities in gaming.

Now I am a contributor and officially the Research Director of CGames.com! My first post will be up in exactly 2 days, and I’ll post the link soon. [Alright, the article is up: “Pearls” of Wisdom on Gaming. Feel free to leave comments, I appreciate as much feedback as I can get.]

The whole mission that I’ve joined with Thomas on is to help gamers and their families realize priorities and the amazing danger that gaming addiction poses to them. Thomas is in the process of writing a book on the subject. Check out his post on why. We are on a mission to see men that were lulled into worldly submission to the play station deity drop their chains and rise up as warriors of God!

Care to join? Or need help? www.cgames.com.


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