Music Video # 7

Yes, today is Monday and I am posting (albeit rather late, but still…) my number 7 Christian Music Video.

This is a catchy song that just proves that you can have fun while giving the world a strong God-centered message. Drum roll please…

It’s MercyMe’s “So Long Self.”

I just love this song and the great message it has about saying “so long” to self and just following Jesus. The video is also very entertaining. Hope You enjoy.

So long Self,
well It’s been fun,
but I have found somebody else.
So long Self,
there’s just no room for two,
so you are gonna have to move.
So long Self,
Don’t take this wrong,
but you are wrong for me.
Farewell. Oh well.
Goodbye. Don’t cry.
Oh, so long Self.

So long Self… hello Jesus!


One Response

  1. Cool song. I really liked the cinematography in this one.

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