Hey everyone. I cast my vote in the primary runoff election yesterday, voting for Rick Green and Brian Russell. I’m writing this quick post to encourage all you voting-eligible folks to take a couple minutes and vote at your polling station. For all of you who aren’t voting age, encourage all your friends who CAN vote to not overlook the run-off elections.

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Your last vote didn’t count

At this point, it doesn’t matter what the votes were cast in the last election. I applaud you for voting in the general primaries election, but you will not get to decide who represents you in Texas unless you go and vote again. This is when your vote will actually make a difference. Think of your last ballot as practice for the real thing.

Why it’s more important now

Unfortunately, most people only think of the general election as the “real thing” and don’t bother to show up for the run-off. If you go and vote this week, your minute or two will be more important than ever.

The way it works for party elections is that the candidate that wins must have a majority – meaning over 50%. If they don’t get that in the general election, then the top two candidates go into a run-off race. In these cases, your vote only got to decide the semi-finals, not who actually represented you.

What’s at stake

I could talk a lot to you about what’s at stake in these various Texas election, but instead let me just give you some good links on the candidates I recommend.

Rick Green for Texas Supreme Court

Rick Green’s official website

Green’s opponent, Debra Lehrmann’s liberal endorsements are enough to make me vote for Rick Green by themselves. You might also want to check out the Liberty Institute Voter’s Guide. Here’s were Lehrmann not only refuses to answer important questions, but she also states another endorsement missing form the above list – Hillary Clinton’s “Children’s Defense Fund.”

So, it’s Green, endorse by the Texas Homeschool Coalition, Texas Alliance for Life (oh, and Chuck Norris) versus a more experienced candidate endorsed by cooperate law firms, the liberal Statesman, and Clinton’s “Children’s Defense Fund.” So, Green’s election is very important. He’s the kind of man we need on the bench.

Other Picks

The other guy I voted for was Brian Russell, A principled Homeschool Dad for State Board of Education.

And a couple more good articles that overviews good candidates for your vote:


Early voting is NOW. Go do it. You have ’till Friday. If you vote during early voting week, you can go anywhere. The actual election will occur on April 13th. Check out the Secretary of State’s Website for more info.

I hope to see you making your voice heard at the polls this election.


3 Responses

  1. My dad jokes that I was probably one of the first people to cast my vote for both of these men, when I filled out my absentee ballot and mailed it back in a week ago! But I doubt that’s actually true. 😛

  2. Just posted this on FB because I was mad about a political ad I got (trying) to attack Brian Russell:

    Farney just sent us a political pamphlet. Her new slogan: “VOTE for Dr. Marsha Farney – the republican candidate who sends her children to public school.”

    The other strange thing Farney did in her pamphlet was try to act like Russell was not endorsed. Specifically, she said “No endorsements from any Republican Legislative Leadership.” Well… does the endorsement of the last SBOE member to hold that slot count? Yes, Cynthia Dunbar, who has done an excellent job, backs Brian Russell. http://brianrussell.net/endorsements

    And this is the big reason I decided to write this. Ready? She also attacked Brian Russell for opposing S.B. 1440 (unreasonable search and seizure – http://www.rightintexas.com/2009/06/veto-sb-1440.html). Farney apparently supports taking children from their parents without even an eye witness.

    Thank you, Dr. Farney, for giving me yet another reason to vote for Brian Russell. Home schoolers should join me, as should anyone else who doesn’t want politicians in charge of their children.

    Russell is a patent lawyer and home school Dad from Austin. I’ve personally talked to him and he is a great man of character. He has also received endorsements from the Texas Home School Coalition, Texas Alliance for Life, and the Young Conservatives of Texas (who should know what Farney’s Ph.D. from UT really means). You can show support for him TODAY as early voting extends through this week.

    PS: Another issue addressed in the pamphlet was donations to McCain/Palin. Honestly, the fact that she gave a Rino like McLame $14,500 is not a reason for me to vote for her.

    To be fair, the charges that the Farneys supported Obama is false. Turns out Mr. Farney was a believer in “operation chaos” (which I never bought into; but apparently they thought McCain could beat Obama. Seriously? This is getting more and more ridiculous the more I read about her). http://www.marshafarney.com/marshas-response I find it interesting that this is the only criticism of her that she responds to. She may very well be a closet liberal. In any case, her professionalism doesn’t give her much respect for parents, but she’s not an Obama supporter.

    ><> Brian

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    11:37 am CST – February 12, 2010

    .Rick Green Endorsed by Chuck Norris for Texas Supreme Court
    Austin, TX – Former State Representative Rick Green has scored several key endorsements in his bid for the Texas Supreme Court, Place 3. Actor and martial arts champion, Chuck Norris, announced his support for Green in his WorldNetDaily column.
    Norris wrote, “As a former state legislator and constitutional scholar trained to defend our nation’s founding principles, Green is exactly the kind of justice we need serving on the Texas Supreme Court.”


    vote green lol

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