NCFCA Debaters: Check out the Advanced Debate Camp

What have I been up to this summer? What has been so important that I’ve ignored my blog? Well, apart from working at Castle Media Group, attending NCFCA Nationals, and Patriot Academy, I’ve been volunteering for the Austin Rhetoric Club, and I can’t help but give a shameless pitch for the Advanced Debate Camp:
Debate Camp

Calling All NCFCA Debaters! You have one more week to register for the most intensive two days of debate training to hit Austin! Meet the Advanced Debate Camp. Coming to Austin, Tx August 19-20.

Daniel Gaskell, Alex MacDonald, Thomas Umstattd, Shaney Irene, yours truly, and many other names you might recognize will be lending their expertise. You are going to learn a lot from these experienced instructors; they are some of the best NCFCA alumni and coaches.

But this is a camp; not one long lecture. The whole philosophy behind the Advanced Debate Camp is to 1: learn from experience (teachers) and 2: learn by experience. That means you’re going to grow through hands-on practice and coaching. In fact, one of the goals of this workshop is to put together a student-created sourcebook. Cool, hu?

Interested? Go ahead and register today. This is literally the best debate camp you’ll find for the price.


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