Response to the Daily Texan’s response to racist cartoon

Have y’all heard about the racist cartoon published in the official campus newspaper for the University of Texas, The Daily Texan? Apparently, the Texan won a contest for the most racist Trayvon Martin cartoon. Read some more and see what you think:

So I really don’t want to get into the cartoon itself or the Trayvon Martin case, but I do want to discuss how the Texan Editorial Board is going to respond to this whole incident. Consider this a response to their response. Here’s a comment I posted on their blog:

The nature of the comic aside, I don’t know what to think about the “new” policy that will come out of this. Specifically, am troubled by:
“We will also seek out and publish opinions that truly represent the views of the entire campus community.”

How exactly do you plan to do that on such a diverse campus? Will you turn your opinion section into a list of cookie recipes?

Personally, I love how many different, weird, opinions we have on campus. (since I have plenty myself…) That’s why the Texan HAS an opinion section in the first place. I would hate to see minority viewpoints stifled because of this mistake.

The role of a paper should be to inform, not publish stuff that everyone already agrees with. (isn’t this a duh?) Yes; the cartoon was probably a bad editorial decision, but don’t overreact into something worse. No matter how much negative attention they get, the truth is that sometimes we need to be challenged by weird independent thinkers.

Keep the Texan weird!

Do you think the Editorial Board is going to overreact and stifle minority viewpoints on the subject? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?


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  1. Hey there! I have no clue if you’ll see this, Mr. Brian, but I thought it might interest you:

    Do you think you could sign it and pass that along to your friends, if that’s not too much trouble?

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