New Site: Texas Students for Life

Texas Students for Life (TS4L) is an exciting new student organization at UT. It’s a prolife group and I have the pleasure of being the official webmaster. Here’s the site I designed for them from the ground up:

Texas Students for Life - TS4L

Today is our launch day so go check it out!

If you are excited about create a campus culture of life at UT Austin, please drop by and lend a hand. Share a post with the nice social media integration or stay updated yourself. This is TS4L’s official mission statement:

Texas Students for Life seeksĀ to educateĀ our UT family on life issues such as abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research (adult and embryonic), and human cloning in a peaceful way. We also strive to support men and women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or are hurting from a past abortion.

This is my first site to theme and launch on my own, and so now I’m starting up a Portfolio. Maybe soon I will start adding other projects I’ve done for school, work, and in my free time (haha… free time…). Oh, and I plan to come out with my first official WordPress Plugin… soon. How soon? I have no idea, but the code is on GitHub.