Texas Students for Life

TS4L is a not for profit student organization at the University of Texas, Austin. I built this site on WordPress and developed the theme starting from Simplicity and working to what you see here:

Screenshot of Texas Students for Life Homepage


  • Strong Social Media Integration. Since this was a student site, I made sure it strongly integrated with social media. Using Sociable, the OpenGraph protocol, the Facebook Comment plugin, and Twitter widget, I built a site that could go where students go – social!
  • Easy to update and create content – thanks to WordPress!
  • Dynamic JQuery slider
  • Integrated MailChimp newsletter subscription and Google calendar.
  • Visual blog layout
  • Color: colors are a hard thing for me, but we finally got something that feels light and optimistic but also poignant. Important buttons are highlighted in darker colors while details that aren’t frequently accessed are available, but fade into the background more. All action buttons “pop” on hover.

Special thanks to Castle Media Group, the company I work for. They hosted the site and have helped me develop invaluable skills that helped me make this site.


Hope Student Life is the christian group I’m involved with at UT.

The website is still under construction, but it’s functional right now. This website was my first WordPress template to build almost completely from scratch (which is why it still needs work).


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