Brian's Voting Guide – Nov 6

Hello all,

Elections are approaching, and I’m not able to vote, so I’ve decided to help everyone else vote… like I would have.

Unfortunately, my debate partner voted before I had a change to straighten… I mean instruct her in sound voting procedures. 🙂 Oh well. For the rest of you:

1) Federal
> Vote third-party. The mainstream in both parties needs to know that if they toss the constitution out the window, we’ll toss them out after it. And they’d better bring it back.

2) State elections
Several people are up for state election. I honestly don’t have time to research all of them (who does?) so I’m just going with the recommendations of the Texas Home School Coalition.

3) Austin-Area
There are three pieces of voter-approved legislation on the ballot for Austin. The best resource I could dig up on these was the incredibly one-sided endorsements of the Austin Chronicle. (scroll down to the bottom) I make my own conclusions based on their rhetoric… I mean reporting.

a) Proposition 1

This amendment basically passes several measures that better insulates the city auditor from political pressures. Very important for that job.

b) Proposition 2

I do not agree with giving the Domain (or any other business for that matter) subsidies that the whole city has to pay for. BUT: once we’ve made the agreement, we need to honor it. The City signed a contract with the Domain, and we should hold to our word.

c) AIDS Tax Ratification


The City school system does not need more money, it needs to do better with the money it has. My Mom should know. She’s spent a long time in the system as a teacher. More money is nice, but not needed. And certainly not at the expense of more property taxes.

Hopefully this quick overview will be helpful for you! If you beg to differ, are wanting more information, or just feel like saying something, leave a comment!



Previously I had brought up the great possibility of voting machines being manipulated by an experienced hacker. Now I would like to present a more in-depth documentary my Dad found online that not only further documents the likelihood of electronic machines being hacked, but also documents some very clear instances of voter fraud. Among them, a voting machine in Valusia county, Florida recording negative votes for Al Gore.

I know this video from HBO is somewhat long. Trust me, this will be one of the most politically enlightening hour-and-a-halves of your life.

“If… When people see what’s really going on, there is no way we will allow it to continue.”
~Bev Harris, founder of

I have one correction: America is actually a Republic, not a Democracy. But, either way, using a hackable system to determine who will lead is wrong.

Will you let it continue? The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for Good men to do nothing!

C Games Through New Eyes!

For the past year, I’ve been the research director for a friend of mine. Thomas Umstattd Jr. has been doing work to create awareness on the dark side of digital gamers. I have had the joy of helping him in his mission to reach those that, like us, have lost their priorities in gaming.

Now I am a contributor and officially the Research Director of! My first post will be up in exactly 2 days, and I’ll post the link soon. [Alright, the article is up: “Pearls” of Wisdom on Gaming. Feel free to leave comments, I appreciate as much feedback as I can get.]

The whole mission that I’ve joined with Thomas on is to help gamers and their families realize priorities and the amazing danger that gaming addiction poses to them. Thomas is in the process of writing a book on the subject. Check out his post on why. We are on a mission to see men that were lulled into worldly submission to the play station deity drop their chains and rise up as warriors of God!

Care to join? Or need help?

King George would be soooo proud

(Human Events, 03/16/2007) – The complaints that the founding fathers leveled against King George in The Declaration of Independence were remarkably similar to the actions of the federal government currently. I recommend that you read this article by Helen E. Kreble. Its definitely a worthy read.

Favorite quote from it:

“Astonishingly, today’s Americans expect government to care for us from cradle to grave, the way commoners once expected a benevolent king to care for his subjects… In a deeply disturbing sense, Americans are voluntarily surrendering the very freedoms that millions fought and died to establish and protect.”

Oh, Wake up America! We have got to smell tyranny and deal with it before it gets any worse.