From MySA: What we take for granted

An Editorial published the first of this month at San Antonio Express-News touched me because of all the political opportunities that we take for granted.

“More than two years ago, millions of Iraqis went to the polls.

“About 50 never came back, cut down in shootings, mortar attacks and suicide bombings, according to news reports.

“Thousands of miles away, where voters brave nothing more horrendous than long lines at the polls, civic participation is pathetic.

“The contrast between the two nations is startling.”

Then, U.S. District Judge Robert Junell decided to do something about it.

“On Nov. 6, Texans will consider 16 proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot, and the turnout for such elections is usually abysmal.

“As Junnell put it, ‘Our government doesn’t ask a lot from us.’ Voting is the least we can do.”

All I can say is amen.