ACC Students (that's me) Blog for Class

Well, this semester at my local community college (ACC) is over. And… I got in the paper! Austin-American Statesman reporter Katie Humphrey did a story about how my class blogged for papers. Quote from it:

Brian Morgan, 16, a high school student who is dually enrolled at ACC, said he has been wanting to start a blog, and the class gave him a starting point. He said that he welcomed the opportunity to share his opinions with his classmates and that knowing they would read his essays compelled him to do more research to support them.

“The class … is not so much about putting facts in your brain and spitting them out on a test or in a paper, but really helping you think about government and engage in it,” Morgan said. “Instead of (a paper) being read by one person, or two at most, it’s out there for the world.”

I think the blogging was a worth-while idea, and my hat is off to you, Mr. Seago. Happy New Year!

Now that its all over, I’m going to call my blog the Brian FACTor and continue to blog (and maybe about more non-government issues)

Here are all the required links for class. I am now clearing the side-bar for my favorite links.